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Ensueño Flamenco

A show first premiered in 2014, Ensueño Flamenco was taken back to the repertoire in 2019 for successful tour in Finland. The show consists of the powerful and traditional Flamenco dance of José Carmona “Rapico”, the contemporary Flamenco dance of Aylin Eleonora, the modern Flamenco guitar playing of Joni Jiménez and Raul Mannola, as well as the virtuoso singing by Enrique Bermúdez “Piculabe”.

2014: After a long and arduous period spent in the studio, I needed to create this spectacle to find my own language and artistic freedom. Throughout this search I was accompanied by some fantastic artists from the Madrid Flamenco scene such as


  • Aylin Eleonora – dance
  • José Carmona “Rapico” – dance
  • Enrique Bermúdez “Piculabe” – singing
  • Joni Jiménez – guitar
  • Raul Mannola – guitar

Premiere: Helsinki 03/2014. Madrid 03/2014. Finland Tour 03/2019

VIVIR: Flamenco Guitar & Dance

As in life, sometimes I prefer a simple but profound minimalist expression, a great raw material to work with. Choreographing and dancing classical flamenco guitar compositions is a challenge that allows me to pursue a more intimate essence: by picking away the layers we can find the essence of art.




  • Aylin Eleonora – dance
  • Raúl Mannola – guitar
  • Taylan Polat – guitar, singing

Premiere: AVIGNON LeOFF, 2019. EDINBURGH FESTIVAL Fringe, 2019.



“Newly arrived in Madrid, I recorded this album in one of the best studios, Red Led, in collaboration with great musicians like Jorge Pardo, Rafael Jiménez “Falo”, Juan Carlos Aracil and Sergey Saprychev.” (Raúl Mannola) The recording and the show focuses on solo Flamenco guitar playing and the interaction between a group of musicians and a Flamenco dancer. It also includes the novelty of playing Flamenco with a 12-string acoustic guitar.


  • Aylin Eleonora – dance
  • Fariña – voice
  • Juan Carlos Aracil – flute
  • Leandro Bianchi – guitar
  • Pablo Martín Jones – percussion
  • Sergey Saprychev – tabla

Premiere: Festival de la Guitarra de Córdoba, Espagne. 19 Juillet 2010