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“Dancer Aylin Eleonora and guitarist Raul Mannola debuted Vivir – think life, and living – at the Adelaide Fringe last year, and it’s gone on to great acclaim in Europe and further afield.

The excited pre-show chatter suggested that they’ve made some firm fans Down Under.

Aylin includes not only some fine traditional flamenco, but ventures further afield with her opening number, blending flamenco with ballet, pointe shoes and all, taking the characteristic spin and twirl into new territory.

Her dances alternate with solos from Mannola, whose astounding technique is a show in itself.”


Peter Burdon, The Advertiser, Adelaide 2020


The final piece, VIVIR, is danced and choreographed by Aylin Eleonora. Along with Time and No Time, it is the standout performance. A display of hugely impressive Spanish dancing’ The Wee Review, Edinburgh Fringe Festival 2018 

“Aylin Eleonora with her majestic dance guides the hypnotised audience through unbelievable precision, speed and incarnation of ancient secrets whispered in the ears of time by her body rhythm”


Riccardo Barone, Adelaide Fringe Festival 2019


“VIVIR has been developed in the studios of Madrid by the soaring comet that is Aylin Eleonora. She has fallen in love with Flamenco, but is also something of a poetess, and wishes to expand the possibilities of her chosen artform. Her guitarist Raul Mannola is astoundingly profcient. You can almost smell the Andalusian harvest and feel the spirit which rose up against Napoleon.” ★★★★★ — Mumble Cirque, Edinburgh 2019


“Raul Mannola and Aylin Eleonora are an established acclaimed duo bringing the Art of Flamenco in everyone’s life; Aylin Eleonora choreograph and dances important flamenco repertoire majestically played by Raul Mannola. The show is spectacular, intense, unforgettable. The Garage International’s premises allow to create the perfect atmosphere for such a stunning programme, in which guitar solos and dance perfectly blend in with equilibrium and balance. The show has been internationally performed for the Avignon LeOff, the Edinburgh Fringe and for Festivals in the Scandinavian area.
Raul Mannola wrote an important music method for professional flamenco guitarists , “El Guitarrista Flamenco Creativo”.
The duo also recorded several studio albums where it goes to show their special power to hand down the secular tradition of Flamenco.

Memorable and moving is the finale of this show , where it is easy to be blown away in a total crescendo of passion, life and death.”

★★★★ Riccardo Barone, Adelaide Fringe Festival 2020