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Flamenco Performances

Performances, Choreographing, Showcases .

Festivals and Choreographer´s Showcases in Europe

Edinburgh Fringe Festival 2019, Dance-Forms 75th International Choreographers´Showcase 2018, Dance-Forms 76th International Choreographers´Showcase 2019, Avignon LeOff July 13-21, 2018, AvignonLeOff July 4-28 2019. Festival Internacional de Guitar de Brno 2020

Australia & New Zealand

World Fringe, Perth Australia February 2-15 2019, Adelaide Fringe Festival February 16-28, 2019, New Zealand Fringe, Wellington Circa Theatre 26-29 February 2020, Brno International Guitar Festival 2020

USA and South America

Capela Santa Maria Curitiba, Brazil 2014. Arizona Dance Festival October 2018


Arizona Dance Festival 2018: CaZo Dance Company, Arizona Community College. Lviv, Ukraine Soma Dance Studio, 2019

Aylin was born in Helsinki, where she grew up in an international atmosphere studying at the “Lycée Franco-Finlandais”. She started receiving ballet and contemporary dance classes at the age of 4. Fifteen years later she found her vocation in Flamenco dance. 
After finishing her university studies (BA 2003, University of Sussex), she trained for years in Seville, Jerez de la Frontera, Córdoba and Madrid with great masters of Flamenco and Spanish Dance: Juana Amaya, Israel Galván and Lupe Gómez. She has collaborated with great Flamenco figures such as Rafael Jiménez “Falo”, David Lagos, Alfredo Lagos, Antonio Sánchez y Antonio Rey. Her latest collaborations include José Carmona “Rapico”, Joni Jiménez, Enrique Bermúdez “Piculabe”, Raúl Mannola y Taylan Polat “Flamenturco”.

She has toured internationally in theaters and festivals throughout Spain, France, the US, Australia, New Zealand, Edimburgh, Brazil, Finland and the Czech Republic amongst others.

She holds a degree in MA DANCE from the Institute of the Arts BARCELONA / Liverpool John Moores University, 2018. In her degree she focused on choreography. The result of her work is a contemporary Flamenco performance with elegance.


Collaborations with Flamenco figures

David Lagos, Alfredo Lagos, Antonio Sánchez, José Carmona “Rapico”, Joni Jiménez, Juan José Fernández “Chaleco”, Rafael Jiménez “Falo”, Antonio Rey, Enrique Bermúdez “Piculabe”.

 Shows on tour

Flamenco shows, Choreographing

Ensueño Flamenco, VIVIR Flamenco Guitar & Dance



Lupe Gómez (Soloist of the Spanish National Ballet), Juana Amaya, Israel Galván


Studies in Flamenco, Ballet and contemporary dance

Centro de Arte Flamenco y Danza Española Amor de Dios, Madrid, Trinity Laban Conservatory of Dance and Music, London, MA in Dance from Institute of the Arts Barcelona (MA Dance, 2018)


“Inner Visions of Flamenco” (2011) and “Guitarra Adentro” (2010) by Raúl Mannola and “Nuevo Mundo” by Vandalus (2016).